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At Fort Worth Eye Center, we care about your patient experience just as much as we care about the health of your eyes. That’s why we are proud to offer our patients high-quality prescription glasses available for SAME-DAY PICK-UP in a large range of prescriptions, including astigmatism. Same-day pick-up prescription glasses save you time and effort because you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for your glasses to arrive. You can simply visit our office for your appointment, get your glasses made and fitted, and then take them home with you the same day!

Fort Worth Eye Center - Your Fort Worth TX Eye Doctor


Does same-day glasses pick up cost extra?

We are proud to expeditiously deliver quality products to the Fort Worth community at NO EXTRA COST to our patients. We’re happy to help you get your glasses quickly, so you can see clearly sooner.

Does Fort Worth Eye Center have it's own in-house lab?

Yes, our office is equipped with an in-house lab which allows us to provide this service to all of our patients.

What prescriptions are available for same-day pick-up?

We offer a large range of same-day pick-up prescriptions including astigmatism. For more information on which types we offer give us a call at (817) 489-5065.

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