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If you or your family find yourself in an eye emergency, Fort Worth Eye Center is available and ready to handle it. Dr. Lam is equipped to treat the majority of common eye emergencies. We offer a variety of services to treat your condition and provide quick relief. In an emergency, every second counts. That’s why we will always offer same-day appointments for you under these circumstances. Eye emergencies are best diagnosed through a proper examination. If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or changes in vision, give us a call to ensure that you’re seen as quickly as possible.

eye exam

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If you think you have an emergency, it is best to trust your instinct and get immediate help. Below are some common situations that should be considered urgent. If you are encountering any symptoms mentioned, please call us immediately.

Eye pain

Eye infections

Sudden vision loss or change in your vision

Chemical exposure causing pain or vision problems

Foreign objects in the eye, such as small shards of glass or metal

Redness, swelling, discharge

Sudden onset of floaters or flashes of light

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