Our office is proud to offer the Fort Worth area with the option of Orthokeratology for vision correction. Orthokeratology, commonly called ortho-k, is a method used to correct myopia (nearsightedness) by wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses overnight so that no vision correction is needed during daytime hours. Those who struggle to see objects that are far away may benefit from this treatment as an alternative to traditional glasses or contact lenses.


Gas permeable (GP) lens retainers specialized for ortho-k are inserted at bedtime and worn as you sleep. Throughout the night, the retainers reshape your cornea gently so that your vision becomes clear on the following morning. The correction is temporary, and ideally, no eyeglasses or contact lenses will be needed on the next day or two. In order to maintain sharp visual acuity on a daily basis, you need to wear the ortho-k retainers every night.


At present, three brands of orthokeratology contact lenses are approved for use by the FDA. Euclid Emerald, usually prescribed for myopia control, Paragon Vision Sciences, which produces “Corneal Refractive Therapy” (CRT), and Bausch and Lomb, who manufactures “Vision Shaping Treatment” (VST).

Fort Worth Eye Center - Orthokeratology Fort Worth TX
Fort Worth Eye Center - Orthokeratology Fort Worth TX

How It Works

Orthokeratology lenses are worn at night to induce corneal reshaping while you sleep. When you take them out in the morning, you’ll enjoy perfect or near-perfect vision from the corneal changes.


Ortho-K allows you to see clearly for one or two days at a time – and for some, even longer. By wearing your lenses consistently, it is possible to maintain your clear vision for as long as you desire.


If you ever decide you would like to use another form of vision correction, all you have to do is stop wearing your Ortho-K lenses and your corneas will assume their original shape.


Many patients have not heard of Ortho-K before. Learn more about this solution and if it’s right for you or a member of your family.

Why Choose Ortho-K?

Ortho-K has been prescribed for over 25 years by practitioners around the world and is considered the “gold standard” in myopia control. In fact, it’s been shown to slow or stop the progression of myopia in clinical studies.


These custom contact lenses are tailored to each eye’s individual shape and corneal curvature for the most effective treatment. With the latest fully-customized Ortho-K fitting systems, it is possible to design lenses to optimize the myopia control effect for each eye. Ortho-K can correct a wide range of vision problems including astigmatism.


Many children find that Ortho-K rigid lenses are easier to insert and remove than regular contact lenses because they cannot fold over. Lens removal is easy with the help of a lens suction plunger.

Candidates for Ortho-K

Ortho-k is very suitable for nearsighted people who are not appropriate candidates for vision correction surgery, such as children. Individuals of all ages with healthy eyes can try ortho-k, namely because it can be discontinued at any point without permanent effects to the eyes.


People who require vision correction and engage regularly in sports or work in extremely dusty, dirty environments will also appreciate the convenience of ortho-k.

LASIK After Ortho-K

Refractive surgeries, such as LASIK, are possible after treatment with ortho-k lenses. Yet because ortho-k works to reshape your cornea, you are required to stop wearing the lenses for approximately several months before undergoing LASIK. This allows your eyes to return to their original shape.


It’s important to inform your LASIK surgeon if you’ve been wearing ortho-k lenses, and you will be advised as to how long of a wait is necessary before having the laser procedure.

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