Eaglet 3D Mapping

Fort Worth Eye Center - Eaglet 3D Mapping Fort Worth TX

What Is

Eaglet 3D Mapping

Our Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler allows Dr. Dan Lam to take highly detailed measurements of your cornea, limbus (the area between the sclera and the cornea), and sclera (white part of eye). This technology captures up to 350,000 measurement points across a 20mm area of the eyes surface. The ESP is able to precisely and accurately map every tiny detail of the surface of your eyes so that Dr. Lam can design a custom scleral lens that perfectly matches your eyes’ unique needs and optimizes your daily comfort.

Fort Worth Eye Center - Eaglet 3D Mapping Fort Worth TX

How It Works

Scan-designed scleral lenses are lenses made completely based on unique scans of your cornea (front clear dome of the eye) and sclera (white portion of the eye). Our eye structure is very unique and the Eaglet Profilometer maps out the shape of your eye and Dr. Lam and team are able to 3D design a contact lens based on your eyes shape.


The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler assists Dr. Lam to design a scleral lens as unique as you are, providing life-changing results with the first lens. The benefits this customized scan-based fitting are:

Helps us optimize the best custom scleral contact lens design for each patient

Streamlines the scleral lens fitting process saving our patients time

Lenses will be more comfortable than our patients ever believed possible

Helps more of our patients wear custom scleral lenses, even those with advanced eye conditions

Fort Worth Eye Center - Eaglet 3D Mapping Fort Worth TX
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